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Hair and Skin Care Products In My Current Rotation

Hair and Skin Care Products In My Current Rotation


I love certain products and then I LOVE switching some of them up! I play a lot with serums and hair care, they all seem to help with different things so I want to get a good rotation going so that all the benefits seep in. 

For skincare I’m currently using the bio-peptide cream in the Ormedic Collection by Image Skincare. This cream is perfect for both day and night, not to thick or oily but at the same time feels very moisturizing. For serums, I’m using the balancing anti-oxidant serum in the Ormedic Collection and also the Vital C serum. I'm also using the stem cell neck lift on my neck and décolleté. In about a week I’m switching over to the hyaluronic filler in the Ageless Collection and the stem cell serum with the wrinkle smoother to target fine lines. Here’s a list of my regular rotating skincare products. 

  • Ageless Total Facial Cleanser
  • Hyaluronic Filler
  • Balancing Anti-Oxidant Serum
  • Vital C Serum
  • Stem Cell Neck Lift
  • Wrinkle Smoother
  • Bio-Peptide Cream
  • Vital C Total Repair Cream
  • Sunscreen Matte 30
  • Ormedic Lip Enhancement Complex

I know it sounds like a lot but I’m typically using 3/5 of these twice a day. I love them! 


Hair Care

For haircare I’m LOVING Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse! It leaves my hair smelling so good and feeling light, not weighed down and super smooth! For additional smoothing, I am in love with the Young Again leave in oil….oh my goodness…it is wonderful! I apply mid shaft to ends and it leaves my hair smelling great and feeling smooth and shiny!

Doo.Over is another awesome product I currently use for between showers. This dry shampoo works great at giving your hair a refresh and offers a light hold too. Love it!

I’m SO into detanglers…love everything about them, the smell, the extra conditioning and the ease in combing out wet hair. I use Un.Tangled and it is the best! If I had kids, I would definitely upgrade them to this stuff, such a great product. Here’s a list of haircare products I currently use!

  • KM Plumping.Wash/Plumping.Rinse
  • KM Doo.Over
  • KM Young.again.oil
  • KM Un.Tangled

I’m always adding and trying other products within these lines, it’s a great way to see how my hair and skin respond. Then I typically add them in to the rotation. Keeping my hair and skin on their toes!


You can shop all of these amazing products right here at!