Welcome to BellaVee



I’m Veronica, the owner and founder of BellaVee.

BellaVee was created to connect and inspire you to find all the things that Self-Care encompasses. From cruelty-free skincare and hair care to energizing your space with crystals, candles, comfort and more. I want to encourage natural healing through self-care, and spreading that love to others by creating custom bundles, making self-care and gift giving easier than ever!

By supporting small businesses all over the US, I want to bring you those handpicked, unique pieces that inspire that sense of well-being and warmth. Being from a very small town in rural Idaho, I know how important it is to support other small businesses to grow and prosper. These men and women are incredibly talented and sharing their creations with others is a truly inspiring act. I grew up always having a sense that there was more to life than just what meets the eye. I have always had a strong connection to my inner light /soul/spirit/higher self -whatever you want to call it, and have used so many tools out there to make that connection stronger than ever. I want those things to come together here at BellaVee. I want you to find inspiration in something you didn’t even know would inspire you. I want the tools I still use today to shine light on something that may nourish that connection to your body, mind or spirit, that part of you that you didn’t know would benefit. 

For me, it’s all the beauty and feel good things that have always inspired me to not only look inward, but also pamper myself, from jade rollers, candles and adult coloring books to fuzzy slippers, books and crystals. Every tool has a purpose along this journey.

Just like everything in life is a phase, I want this store to be a reflection of that. My goal is to always have an ever-changing array of inspiring things. Just as I’ve never stopped learning and growing, either will this extension of me. BellaVee will be here and surprising you each time you visit! 

I’m using this store to help give back to others in need and will be donating a percentage to different charities through all online sales. If you have any charities that speak to your heart, please email me at info@shopbellavee.com  and I will add them to the rotation.

It has been such an amazing journey getting to finally launch and to be able to provide you with some of the best self-care products on the market. 

Thank you for being here and sharing in my creation with me!

Thank you for your support!

And most of all, thank you for taking the time to read my story. 


Forever grateful,