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How To Use Crystals In Your Self-Care Routine

How To Use Crystals In Your Self-Care Routine

Ever wonder how to enhance your at-home self-care practices and routines? Try adding crystals! Using crystals will infuse self-care routines with powerful healing and energetic properties. Here are a few simple ways to bring crystals into your self-care routines and practices. 

Crystals for Meditation

Holding a crystal during meditation can help open you up to higher realms of consciousness and clear out any blocked or negative energy. Find a quiet space and carve out about 20 minutes to sit with your crystals. Set an intention for yourself, such as healing, acceptance, finding new love or connecting with your guides. Remember each crystal has different properties and powers, so be sure to know your crystals strengths and use appropriately. 

I love to do a full chakra energy balancing routine. For this you will need a few various crystals, ones that correlate to each chakra. 

Here are my go-to crystals starting from the base:

  • Root- Red Jasper
  • Sacral-Citrine
  • Solar Plexus-Pyrite
  • Heart- (I have a few) Malachite, Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite.
  • Throat- Celestite
  • Third Eye- Lapis or Labradorite
  • Crown- Amethyst

Laying flat, turn on some binaural beats or calming music and sit with the correlating crystal on or near each chakra for 20 minutes. Focus on the energy flowing and balancing between the crystal and the chakra. You can also have complete silence, whatever you’re called to do. You can do one crystal at a time, for 3/5 minutes or all at the same time for the full 20 minutes. 

Crystals for Skincare

Another great way to incorporate crystals into you self-care routine is by adding them to your skincare practice! Jade rollers and Rose Quartz rollers or facial tools are an excellent way to de-puff, release stress and promote cell restoration. Using a soothing oil, glide the crystals over you skin in the recommended movements to calm and release any tension or stress build up in the skin. 

Crystals In Your Nighttime Routine

Adding to your bedtime routine is another way to use crystals in your self-care practices. Bringing crystals into your room, such as Amethyst, Celestite and Selenite, will promote a tranquil, calming and peaceful atmosphere. Helping to improve sleep patterns, and improve your overall quality of sleep. Sleep is the most important part of self-care, so ensuring you get some good z’s is essential!

There are countless ways to work with crystals and gems, and what might work for one may not work as well for others. The great thing is, there are numerous stones and self-care practices out there, so find a few that resonate with you and incorporate different crystals to aid with whatever it is your body needs.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years, healing and restoring us throughout our journeys. I hope these crystal-infused self-care practices are useful and helpful for you, and you continue to explore all of the many ways to add these beautiful stones into your life!