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3 Tips for Self Love

3 Tips for Self Love

Isn’t life interesting? We all go through so many little and BIG experiences that leave us feeling really good, not so good, or even really bad!

In all of these emotional states it’s SO important to check in with your energy and emotions to see what tools you may need to be used in order to remain in balance, peaceful and in a flow state. Asking ourselves what we’re getting caught up on, attached to or what’s taking over right now are great questions to get to the root of what we’re feeling.

One tip for self-love, as easy and cliché it might sound, is loving self-talk!
We are responsible for our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. It is our responsibility to uncover the unconscious…tough journey but it is possible. 

Saying loving, peace-filled statements can ground and center your energy and help pull you in to THIS moment and drop away the past and the future. Try powerful I Am statements like:

  • “I am peaceful”
  • "I’m exuding a peaceful energy”
  • “I am here, right now”
  • “I am loving”
  • “I am at peace” 

Another tip for self love, is the PAUSE button!
You are able to use this in any situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uncomfortable or even overly excited you can mentally hit “pause” take a breath and allow that energy to freeze in place. Don’t add to it or take any away, just pause. Saying it out loud is a very powerful way to enforce the he intention. 


Treat yourself as if you’re your own child, what does your inner self need right now?
Meet that need. Are you hungry? If so, make yourself a special meal. Are you tired? Give yourself permission to take a nap. Do you want something special from the store? Go and buy yourself something that will brighten up your day. 

These three simple tips can help in so many small moments that add up over time to enhance your overall well-being. Give them a try and comment your insights! 

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