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BellaVee Brand Journey

BellaVee Brand Journey

Hello and welcome to BellaVee! 

BellaVee was originally created to make gift-giving and self-care easy, convenient, and beautiful. We’ve been continuously building our brand to encompass all of the amazing self-care modalities out there. Our products have helped me and so many people throughout life’s ups and downs, and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

All of these tools and products are carefully selected to bring joy, peace, beauty, and connection to your life. We are embarking on creating an umbrella, bringing together small businesses and artisans of their craft under one roof, and promoting self-care and inspiration to others. We are creating a space where people can feel good, build their self-love and support others in the process. 

Each year we donate a percentage of ALL online sales to a selected non-profit, charity, or foundation. Currently, we are donating to CODESPA, helping these amazing craftsmen build and sustain their own businesses! 

By allowing inspiration to guide me through each step, in creating a foundation that brings a smile to my face and with your well-being at the heart, I hope also to yours. We’ve been fine-tuning BellaVee to reflect the importance of self-care. Through personal essentials of skincare, haircare, and bath necessities to candles, crystals, journals, and more. 

I have had so many huge breakthroughs with journaling, it’s one of the best ways to get thoughts out of your mind and onto paper, to see them clearly and without the overwhelming chatter of continual thoughts. Journaling has helped me dramatically throughout tough phases of my life, and also through many manifestation journeys! The power of written positive affirmations is incredible!

We also believe strongly in the importance of personal care; healthy happy skin, hair, and body. When we pause to take care of our own bodies with quality products you can trust, our exterior world shifts as well. Taking time to run that bath and let the powerful healing of aromatherapy soothe your mind and body is SO important to reset and show yourself unconditional love. 

Where there is crystal energy, there is a high vibrational, electromagnetic field. Surrounding ourselves with the healing energy of crystals is one of the best, easiest things you can add to your world that will promote well-being, healing, love, and strength. Mother Earth is truly an amazing being, gifting us with its masterpiece of crystals. Working with crystals can strengthen and widen your electromagnetic field, and the wider your magnetic field, the stronger your manifestation powers become. 

Creating our crystal-infused candles has been one of the BEST additions to BellaVee! In one candle there are so many healing modalities, aromatherapy, essential oils, soothing sounds from the crackling wooden wick, the crystal energy, and the lighting vibe….all the things that create an atmosphere of zen. 

As our journey as BellaVee blossoms, we hope to inspire, grow and create together! 

Thank you for being apart of the journey!

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