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The Best Crystals for Anxiety

The Best Crystals for Anxiety

The world is uncertain and always shifting, and this can make it difficult to keep yourself centered. Maintaining the balance in your life when everything seems overwhelming can be a struggle and finding the right crystals to boost your overall mood and focus your energies on overcoming anxiety can make a marked difference in your life. 

In this article, I hope to walk you through some of the best crystals for your anxiety and help guide you toward an energy focus that can help keep you calm and promote self-love, healing, and a sense of balance in these difficult times. I'll also go over some of the different crystal shapes and how you can use them in your self-reflection to bring a better sense of balance to your life. 

  1. Amethyst

This is easily one of the most popular crystals, both for how it's used in people's practices and for its stunning color. While amethyst is a crystal that announces itself due to its striking purple hue, it's considered a gentle crystal and is thought to help calm the user, as well as provide a focus for centering during shifts in mood or emotion. 

Amethyst is also said to help boost overall clarity, making it a wonderful crystal to focus on when you’re having trouble making a decision, or are looking for a centering tool in your day-to-day life.

  1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is associated with love and attraction, which is easy to see with this stunning pink stone. This stone is thought to have positive energy and can be used to boost your self-love. 

Not only is this eye-catching stone great at reminding you to take care of yourself and be gentle with your own emotions, but its understated, baby pink tone also allows you to wear it as an accessory, so you can take your self-care and centering aid with you during stressful circumstances or any time you need to practice self-love (which, if you're like me, is always). 

  1. Smoky Quartz

Often associated with bravery and grounding, smoky quartz may benefit your self-centering practice by reminding you of your inner strength. The cloudy coloration of the quartz reflects its beauty and can help remind us to seek out the beauty in otherwise dim situations. 

Like other kinds of quartz, smoky quartz is thought to have a cleansing quality and can be focused on to remind you to trust in yourself and your innate strength, despite the naysaying of your anxiety and the world around you. 

  1. Citrine

This crystal is associated with sunshine thanks to its bright, joyful color that can make even the grayest day seem bright and hopeful. This little stone can be a bright spot in your life and help remind you that there are good days on the horizon. 

Citrine is said to be associated with balance and decision making, and with this sunny stone as your guide, finding your strength and overcoming anxiety's thought spiraling can seem doable, helping you keep your inner positivity in the face of negativity. 

  1. Blue Lace Agate

Sure, it’s easy to be confident when you’re as stunning as blue lace agate, but here’s a secret for you: your unique spirit is just as blindingly brilliant as this glassy, striking stone. Blue lace agate is said to help you become more self-confident, as well as help you speak up and keep your goals in mind. 

If you're looking to fight self-doubt and instill clarity in your personal life, blue lace agate can help you reflect on your unique beauty, and may help remind you of your own goals, intents, and self-confidence. 

Crystal Forms for Anxiety

Obelisk or wand-shaped crystals are usually associated with focus, intent, and more intense practices, while worry stones can help you maintain your calm in stressful situations. Wearing crystals as pendants can help you carry your focus with you and give you the potential benefits of your stones wherever you go while divining rods and other shapes can help you call on the unique benefits of each stone in your practice. 

Of course, stones can be shaped into almost any shape, and the unique benefits of these can range from channeling the inspiration of the moon to just looking eye-catching and filling you with a sense of peace and joy. 

No matter the stone or shape that calls to you, I hope that you can find peace, self-love, and acceptance in your life, and wish you a sense of comfort and stability in this uncertain world.