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What Are CBD-Infused Candles?

What Are CBD-Infused Candles?

CBD’s growing popularity has reached the home goods market! CBD candles combine the benefits of aromatherapy with the potential relaxation benefits of CBD in one candle. Most CBD candles are made with traditional waxes and can be scented or unscented. CBD candles are great to use in your everyday practice as they pair well with the associations with different scents and colors to create a nice, relaxing space in your home.

CBD-infused candles can come in a wide range of forms, including wax melts and essential oil-infused candles. Most CBD-infused candles are made from soy way or beeswax and prioritize high-quality, natural ingredients in their make. Let’s get into CBD-infused candles and how they can benefit your practice and your mental state.


What is CBD?
While CBD may seem somewhat new to people, the use of cannabis is not new. Studies have linked the use and cultivation of cannabis plants to Asia as far back as 750 BCE. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from hemp and comes in several different forms.

CBD is useful for personal wellness practices as it is a completely natural relaxant that can help aid in sleep, and digestion, and offer a sense of peace. While there are plenty of ingestible CBD products, CBD wax melts and candles are about creating a relaxing space for you to inhabit. While the amount of CBD released by infused candles may be less than supplements, it can contribute to an overall relaxing vibe.

How are CBD-Infused Candles Made?
CBD-infused candles are made similarly to other essential oil candles by combining CBD oil with the wax, and different scent compounds the CBD oil releases as the wax burns. CBD candles allow you to create a relaxing scent association, and the added aromatherapy benefits from combining CBD and other essential scent profiles may benefit you. CBD is best paired with lavender, eucalyptus scents, and other relaxing smells. If you are looking to add CBD to your practice but can’t have candles in your space, CBD wax melts offer the same relaxing benefits without worrying about smoke or flame.

Can CBD-Infused Candles Make You High?
Since CBD contains no THC (the compound that creates the “high” sensation in marijuana), they cannot get you high, meaning they are perfectly safe to light in your home. CBD candles and wax melts are great for attaining a higher sense of relaxation, but there are no “high” or psychoactive properties to worry about. However, combining wax melts and candles with your other practices and relaxation techniques, including meditation and crystals, can help create a peaceful, welcoming space for you to come into.

How to Use CBD-Infused Candles with Crystals
If you’re looking to incorporate the relaxing properties of CBD-infused candles and wax melts into your meditation practice, pair the candles with crystals that offer a sense of relief and relaxation. Crystals like rose quartz for self-love and amethyst for self-empowerment can go well with the soothing qualities of CBD. Be sure to choose the right essential oil combination for your unique space needs, and be aware that certain crystals work better near essential oils than others.

Here at BellaVee, we’re expanding our wellness and relaxation products into CBD-infused candles and waxes to help you take your personal wellness journey to the next level. Our current lineup of products and crystals are perfect for meditating on reducing stress and encouraging a better sleep cycle. We also offer incredible aromatherapy options to help you relax and brighten up your living space. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about our best crystals for anxiety and self-love.