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What Are Clean Beauty Products?

What Are Clean Beauty Products?

“Clean beauty” doesn’t have a set definition. Instead, it focuses on more natural beauty products that positively impact your skin and the environment. Clean beauty products are all about sustainability and using the best natural ingredients for your skin. Many wellness companies prioritize producing clean beauty products and make a point to research their impacts on the environment and the supply chain, opting for ethically sourced, healthy ingredients for their products. 

Many clean beauty products include organic ingredients and avoid silicones, parabens, and unnatural dyes. If you are prone to allergic reactions or are looking to detoxify your life, clean beauty products are definitely for you. Let’s look at some things that make clean beauty products so unique and how you can confidently shop for the best clean beauty products around. 


Prioritizing Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Sourcing
Clean beauty products use natural, often organic ingredients to ensure you get the best product possible. By making sure there are no unwanted or sub-par ingredients, clean beauty products offer you the best of the best. In many cases, clean beauty products are vegan and avoid testing on animals. 

For those interested in their beauty routine's impact on the environment and the world, clean beauty products off you healthy, natural alternatives to the chemical additives in modern beauty products. While clean beauty products sometimes have preservatives to ensure they last longer, in many cases, natural beauty products are preservative-free, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of their ingredients without any unwanted or harmful chemicals. 

Fewer Additives and Parabens
Anyone who has been around the beauty scene for a while knows the impact of parabens on your hair and skin and the potential health side effects of these products. While these products have been used to care for your hair and skin, they can lead to unwanted downsides, like drying out your hair or weighing down curls, among other more serious concerns. For people with sensitive skin, parabens and silicates are a no-go, with unnatural additives. 

While everything in the world is made up of chemicals, even you and me, natural, clean beauty products avoid overly processed chemical ingredients and additives, instead tapping into the organic benefits of certain natural substances to create breathtaking results. So if you've reached a plateau with your skincare routine or are looking to update your makeup stash with more natural products, clean beauty products may be right for you. 

How to Spot Clean Beauty Products
The easiest way to find clean beauty products is to check the label. While many companies claim to offer clean beauty products, one glance at their label reveals countless additives and chemicals that are impossible to pronounce. Real clean beauty products should have a short list of ingredients or a list of what each product does. In addition, it would be best if you looked into your cosmetic supplier to ensure they are genuinely offering clean beauty products and that their company is committed to producing high-quality products and supplies.

Another way to find clean beauty products is to look for small-batch producers. These products are more likely to be quality tested and don't require the long shelf life of chemically produced products. Overall, spotting clean beauty products can take some practice. Still, once you know what you're looking for, you should be on your way to finding great, sustainable cosmetics and hair care products that make you (and the environment) feel beautiful. 

If you want to try out clean beauty products from some of the top cosmetic teams in the industry, check out our professional skin and haircare options, including our incredible subscription box. Here at BellaVee, we offer only the best beauty products, as well as hand-poured candles and gorgeous crystals for your meditation needs. No matter your unique skincare and beauty product journey, we offer plenty of clean beauty products perfect for all skin types, so you can shop confidently, knowing you're getting the best of the best.  

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