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Ultimate Self-Care List for Virgos

Ultimate Self-Care  List for Virgos

Fall is the perfect season for settling in for some well-deserved self-care. In this series, we want to help the different zodiac signs along their ideal self-care journey. Self-care is a magical thing that you can customize to fit your unique personality and energy. While generalized self-care is a fantastic thing, creating a unique self-care routine based on your zodiac sign can help elevate your daily routine. After all, you are worth the extra attention to detail, and a specialized self-care routine will help you relax and face the next season of your life head-on. Let's start with a review of what makes Virgos unique and then jump into the best self-care items for customizing your "you time." 

Virgo at a Glance

Virgo is one of the earth signs and, as such, is tied closely to harvest, growth, and a grounded personality. Virgos are deeply rooted in reality and are known as the “sensible” signs. This can make taking time away for self-care all the more difficult, as Virgos are unlikely to splurge on things they consider frivolous. 

Virgo's perfectionist mindset makes stepping back and taking a break a struggle, as they always want to push forward toward their goal and make the world a better place. But that's one of the reasons Virgos can benefit so much from self-care, as a bit of rest and relaxation can hone a Virgo's attention to detail and let them jump back into their routine refreshed and rejuvenated.

One of the critical things Virgos should remember when choosing a self-care regimen is to let go and let themselves be imperfect. Striving for perfection and being a problem-solver is admirable, but sometimes you need to reconnect with your roots and remember you are a human being worthy of love and care. 

Sensible Self-Care for a Sensible Sign

Our picks for starting a self-care routine combine the sensibilities of a Virgo with pure, natural ingredients that help tie this earth sign back to its source. When planning your self-care routine, let your attention to detail take the forefront, choosing cruelty-free, clean, and nourishing products. Then, be sure to take some time to nourish your skin and body with some of your favorite beauty products. 

Since Virgo's are so tied to the earth, red jasper crystals are an excellent focus for their energy, as this crystal is known for grounding and centering. This crystal reflects the passion and perfectionism of the Virgo. At the same time, the beautifully imperfect surface reminds us that it's okay to be imperfect sometimes and that even beautiful crystals are made up of seeming flaws and imperfections. 

When setting aside time for yourself, try to create a mental and physical space for yourself to escape to. One way to do this is through aromatherapy, like our Organic WOMEN’S BALANCE Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil. Made from 100% pure essential oils like Jojoba, Bergamot, and Clary Sage, this roll-on aromatherapy oil can help you take your relaxation wherever you go. By creating a scent association between relaxation and your aromatherapy oil of choice, you can use a roll-on oil throughout your day to reinforce your relaxation.

Another scent-based relaxation self-care item for Virgos is our Connect CBD-Infused Candle Melts. These adorable wax melts combine the benefits of CBD with peppermint, eucalyptus, and dried floral accents. One of the benefits of these wax melts is you can use them to invigorate a whole room, allowing you to bring your self-care to your entire living space in a straightforward step. These CBD candle melts come in star, moon, and gem shapes, adding a little touch of whimsy to a practical self-care item. 

For a Virgo, it can be hard to make personal purchases without weighing the pros and cons. These Happy Slippers are fun and practical, bringing a bit of joy to your morning or relaxation day while providing comfort and warmth. Are they a bit silly? Sure! But nothing helps you ground better than feeling your feet wrapped in soft, warm comfort throughout the day. These slippers also remind you that you're worth taking time for, as every time you see them, they're sure to bring a smile to your face.

This self-care item is the last on our list, but it's one of the most important. For the driven Virgo, it can be hard to practice self-care without seeing a lasting record of the results. While this is far from the point of self-care, wanting to track your progress makes total sense and can help a Virgo lean into self-care relaxation. 

Our Take Care Guided Journal is, first off, absolutely adorable. The interior design is to die for, with cute illustrations and self-care activities on each page. This journal lets you track things like water intake, hours slept, intentions for the day, and more. This notebook is a must-have for better self-care and tracking your day-to-day life for the detail-oriented Virgo.  

If you're interested in more self-care items, check out the rest of our cruelty-free, natural products. At BellaVee, we want to help you connect with your inner self-worth through natural and innovative beauty products. Also, check out our other articles for more tips and tricks to living a centered, fulfilling life.